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Maximise your Customers' ability to select the correct product
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Imagine a tool that has the capability of analysing all your products and their properties, features and attributes.

Your website may have your products listed
does it have a sophisticated "engine"
yielding a correct solution every time, and does it deliver a detailed specification to help secure the order?
MySpec is that sophisticated "engine" and
we individually customise it to your Company's needs

Helps your COMPANY by:
  • being available to anyone;
    (building industry examples: your reps, architects, specifiers, builders, the public)
  • being available to users anywhere; in the office, in the field, on site, at home;
  • determining the same, correct solution, every time; for the same set of conditions;
  • always reflecting your technical experts' views and Company policy;
  • becoming your reps' / agents' best friend;
  • dramatically reducing your Company's exposure to risk.
Helps your CUSTOMERS by:
  • analysing all your products and each of their properties, features and attributes;
  • determining the correct product to match their needs;
  • preparing an accurate specification for the selected product.
Does this while:
  • working at surprising speed 24/7;
  • Having no problem with how many products you have or with the complexity of their properties, features and attributes.
MyQuote allows your Customers to access quoting and ordering functions.

• MyQuote empowers your sales channels to quickly produce accurate, consistent proposals and quotes.

• MyQuote supports complex pricing structures for configurable products.

• Easily integrating with your current systems the MyQuote platform can operate as your complete ecommerce solution.

• Quotes can be generated quickly creating a responsive sales team.

• Enables sales teams with the ability to configure, price and quote on complex products eliminating extended sales cycles involving technical teams.

• Easily integrated with current CAD, ERP, CRM and procurement systems.

• Customers make educated product relevant decisions eliminating repetitive and costly sales cycles.

• Order ready quotes can be quickly generated by the product configurator generating a responsive sales environment.

• MyQuote can be used across all interfaces and devices including mobile.

Our Applications can operate on all Platforms

FEATURED CLIENT: Fletcher Insulation
Your Agents, Representatives and Customers will be able to select, specify, obtain a quote and place an order,
directly from their desktops and all Apple and Android mobile devices.

Your products will always be at their fingertips.

Company History

FEATURED CLIENT: Bradford Insulation
AutoSpec Technologies Pty Ltd commenced operations in Australia in 2005.
The forerunner to AutoSpec Technologies Pty Ltd was New Dimension Computing (NDC), operating in South Africa since 1996.

In 2011, NDC changed its name to NewDimension Technology (NDTec).

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